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Library Policies

Colona District Public Library

Circulation Policies


First Time Library Card

Library cards are free to residents of the Colona Library District (Colona Township). Non-residents will pay the non-resident fee established annually by the board for a library card, which will include PrairieCat system privileges. July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, the non-resident fee is $100.


Replacement Cards

Replacement cards are $5.00. Patrons who have moved or whose records have been purged may have their cards replaced at no charge. If a card is stolen, it should be reported to the library so you are not responsible for stolen items.Free library cards will be issued during the month of June.



Fines are $.10 per day per item to a maximum of $5.00 per item. Hotspot fines are $5.00 per day to a maximum of $50.00. Fines start accumulating at 10am the next library business day after the due date. The library’s circulation system (PrairieCat) prevents patrons with fines $5.00 and more from checking out items until the fines are paid.


Lost Items

Patrons are expected to pay current replacement cost plus a processing fee for a lost item. If the item is paid for and later found, the item belongs to the patron, no refund is given and fines will be waived. Colona Public Library staff will purchase the replacement item(s) and the patron charged the current replacement cost.If the item is found, returned to the library and has not been paid for, the item will be checked in and shelved, the patron is responsible for accumulated fines.


Claim Returned Items

The patron is asked to search for the item and the item is renewed for an additional checkout period (see Length of Checkout). Ultimately, the patron who checked out the item is responsible for replacing the item, which will be purchased by Colona Public Library staff, and the patron charged the current replacement cost. The director or assistant director will make a decision whether to mark the item as lost or Claim Returned. When the item is marked Claim Returned, a Note field will be added into the patron account recording the title, author, barcode, names involved and a date. If the patron habitually claims items were returned, a Message field will be entered into the patron account explaining the situation. The patron may not be allowed to continue checking out items from the library’s circulation system (PrairieCat).  


Damaged Items

Usable damaged items will be handled individually at the librarian's discretion. Items damaged beyond use will be handled as lost items (see Lost Items).


Length of Checkout

All items with the exception of zoo passes, museum passes, Hotspots, video games and DVDs have a three-week checkout period. Educational DVDs have a three-week checkout period. Hotspots, entertainment DVDs and video games have a one-week checkout period. Museum passes and zoo passes have a two-day checkout period. Only adults (18 or older) may checkout DVDs, video games, museum passes, zoo passes and Hotspots.


PrairieCat Membership

A Colona District Public Library card will be honored at other PrairieCat libraries, which includes most libraries in the Illinois Quad-Cities area. Patrons can request materials from other PrairieCat libraries, which will be delivered to the Colona District Public Library, or another library in the PrairieCat system for pickup.


Reciprocal Borrowing

All items borrowed through Reciprocal Borrowing adhere to the same rules for Fines and Length of Checkout. The owning library determines how Claim Returned Items and Damaged Items are handled.


ILL Borrowing

The Library makes every effort to borrow items at no or nominal cost. If a lending library charges a fee, the requesting patron will be notified of the cost before the item is formally requested and given the opportunity to withdraw the request. If the patron agrees to pay the fee, payment must be received before the request will be submitted to the lending library.

If the item is available only through an out-of-state library, the patron is notified of lending library fees and shipping costs before the item is requested and given the opportunity to withdraw the request. If the patron agrees to pay the fees, payment must be received before the request will be submitted to the lending library.

The lending library sets the due date. Requests for renewal of an item are decided by the lending library. If items are lost or damaged, the lending library determines the cost and the patron is responsible. Late fees (see Fines) apply to items borrowed through ILL borrowing.


Freedom of Information Act Policy

FOIA Policy